Upcoming Events

ICCS Cultural Dialogues in Kenya, East Africa

Kenya - ICCS US - Dec 2016 - Feb 2017

The International Centre for Cultural Studies (ICCS US), shall facilitate dialogue forums with one indigenous cultural group in Kenya (Yaaku & Abasuba people) whose cultural survival is threatened with extinction. The Yaaku community is already legally considered extinct by both UNESCO and the government of Kenya, while Abasuba are considered vulnerable. Both groups however still have native members who still identify with the respective native cultures. Yaaku has only 7 native speakers all aged above 60 years while Abasuba with a total population of 119,000 has a number of speakers, the youngest in their middle ages. The dialogues will initially engage the elders to lay ground for further interaction with the community across all the ages. The aim shall be to exchange ideas on challenges and identify what to do to preserve their native cultures. The dialogues shall pave way for more such activities by ICCS in Africa focusing on preservation of cultures of native communities. Besides being a right, protecting existence of indigenous cultures can immensely contribute to communal resilience especially with regard to the dimensions of health, agriculture/food security, climate change, tourism and value system.

Recent Events

Gathering of Indigenous Elders - Governance Initiative in Ancestral Justice

Colombia - ICCS US - [March 10th to March 13th, 2016]

The initiative "governance in ancestral justice" is a commitment to restore the memory of the native communities who have not been recognized by the State. The word "governance in ancestral justice" gathers the sense of restitution of the harmonic order, according to the explicit purpose of establishing communication between wise Elders from the 115 native communities in Colombia, referring to their ancestral system of thought. There is a conviction that in the ancestral way of thinking and the culture and traditions of the indigenous people, lies much of the wisdom for living in a state of wellness, between humankind and with Mother Nature.

ICCS supported a 4 days gathering of 100 indigenous Elders, from more than 15 different ethnic communities of Colombia. It was a time for sharing and connecting with each other and Mother Earth. Wise Elders and young people came together in one platform to share their knowledge and perspectives with the aim to find solutions and trace a road map. The discussions were enriching and included topics such as: Spirituality, Traditional Medicine, Health, Education, Government and Relations with the State, Territory and Needs of the Communities.

Certainly we are all diverse and unique, it is only when we come together that more beautiful and deeper things can emerge. 




Indo-Baltic Cultural Meet

India- ICCS Pune - [Feb 2016]


The conference Indo- Baltic Cultural Meet was attended by Latvians, more particularly the Diverutibas, who claim to have Vedic links with ancient India. The purpose of this small gathering was to get acquainted with each other's cultures. The endeavor is  to strengthen the links by establishing the truth, through joint research in collaboration with the Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute Deemed University, Pune.

Resonances of Ancient Indian Culture in the World

Nagpur- ICCS Nagpur - [Oct 2015]



RSMDACC & ICCS have the privilege to organize this multi-disciplinary international conference which will provide a platform to promulgate our Ancient Indian Heritage and discuss its relevance in the present day context. The proposed conference will be enormously beneficial for understanding the significance of the Vedic ethos for ensuring global peace, harmony and brotherhood leading to individual rejuvenation and fulfillment. 

International Festival for Culture

Colombia - ICCS US - [Nov 2015]



The International Festival of Culture is an important cultural event in Latin America that is celebrated every year, with the participation of more than 35 countries. It was created to show artistic and cultural expressions of the world, which enable cultural exchange, recognition of cultural diversity and public reaffirmation for strengthening their own identities. The Fondo Mixto de Cultura, organizers of the event, works in cooperation with ICCS to coordinate activities around India, as it has been selected as a special guest of this year.

Past Events

5th International Conference & Gathering of Elders

Universal Well-being

Mysore – India (2015 - Jan 31st – Feb 5th)



The last ICCS International Conference was focused on sharing insights on how to leverage the current globalization trend, access technology tools and build leadership capability within communities to ensure Universal Well-being in the twenty-first century and beyond.

4th International Conference & Gathering of Elders

Nourishing the Balance of the Universe

Haridwar – India (2012 - March 4th – March 7th)



Over 300 delegates, representing 38 countries and 50 traditions and cultures, participated in this conference. They discussed, deliberated and analyzed the ways and means of preserving the priceless ancient traditions and cultures inherited from their ancestors in different parts of the world.

Eastern and Indigenous Perspectives on 
Sustainability and Conflict Resolution

Tampa, Florida (2011 - March 4th – March 7th


The purpose of this conference was to examine sustainable philosophies and practices from perspectives that are eastern (i.e. philosophies with Eastern origins such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism, Confucianism and others) and Indigenous (such as Native American, Traditional African Culture, Aboriginals and other indigenous traditions and cultures).