Our Mission


Is to facilitate the revitalization of diverse ancient traditions and cultures of the world by fostering a forum for learning, understanding, and networking


ICCS Activities


Organizing gatherings

Since 2002, ICCS have organized more than 24 events, gatherings and international conferences across the globe. Countries include: India, United States, UK, New Zealand, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia. During these events, the participants from different backgrounds all experience a single realization: Despite our origins or differences, we are One, we are all related.

Supporting community development, cultural projects and green initiatives

ICCS envisions a world where communities, culture and nature are all sustained in a manner that leads to universal well-being. Therefore, we support projects that help on empowering native and local communities, preserving world’s cultures and traditions, as well as help reconnect people with their natural environment through ancient wisdom.


Publishing of research journals and books

ICCS have published several books and journals related to cultural and social studies of different traditions around the world. By publishing these studies, we want to share and pass on the cultural knowledge to future generations, and reinforce the valuable message of cultural diversity.

Conducting comparative studies of cultures

Our ICCS team in India has conducted various comparative studies that aligns with our mission. ICCS is currently conducting a joint study on Hindu tradition and other traditions of the world. By learning about our similarities, we can break down the differences.


Our Leaders


Shekhar Patel, Ph.D.
President (ICCS US)
Shekhar Patel serves as the President of the International Center of Cultural Studies USA (ICCS). In addition, he is Vice President of Strategy and Development at Hindu University of America. He has been with ICCS in various roles since 2004. Shekhar has a Doctorate in Biosystems Engineering from Oklahoma State University.
Yashwant Pathak, Ph.D.
Advisory Council (ICCS Founder)
Yashwant Pathak is Associate Dean and Professor at University of South Florida (USF). He is actively involved in various socio-cultural organizations. He has been associated with ICCS since its inception.
Radheyshyam Dwivedi, Ph.D.
Advisory Council (President Emeritus ICCS US)
Dr. Dwivedi is a retired professor of Cell biology. He is President Emeritus of ICCS, and director of the Sewa International, USA and Marg Fdn. He is advisor to the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, USA and the Uberoi Fdn. for Religious Studies. He is also the past president of Sanskrit Bharati, USA.
Saumitra Gokhale
Advisory Council (ICCS US)
Saumitra is part of the ICCS Advisory Council. He is also the global coordinator and full time social worker of the non-profit organization Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS). A very passionate speaker with a wealth of knowledge on Hindu Dharma, India and ancient traditions. Saumitra has conducted a number of seminars and workshops which have inspired hundreds of youths to come forward and give time for the society. He has worked in a number of places including India, Caribbean countries, Canada and the USA.
Vinayak S. Deshpande, Ph.D.
President (ICCS Nagpur)
Dr. Vinayak S. Deshpande is a founder member of ICCS in India and was Vice President twice in earlier tenures. He holds a Ph. D. in Economics. Dr. Deshpande served previously in the position of Head of the Department of Economics in Nagpur University, as well as the Vice Chancellor. Currently he functions as the Director of the Department of Business Management.
Ram Vaidya Ph.D.
Ram is associated with ICCS and functions as a Joint Coordinator of HSS in UK. He holds a Ph.D in Sanskrit on Integral Humanism in Vedanta and Jain Philosophy. Ram is connected with Youth organizations in Europe and he is associated with One tree Gathering - A joint forum of Druid and Hindu cultures.



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