Indigenous Communities Need our Support

Flooding and mudslides in the Colombian city of Mocoa sent torrents of water and debris crashing onto houses in the early hours of Saturday April 1st, killing hundreds of people, injuring over 400 and sending residents to evacuate. Many are missing at the moment.

ICCS US and its sister organization, Sewa International,  are working in collaboration with local volunteer groups and the regional Indigenous Organization in Putumayo,  to assist on the rescue and relief efforts of indigenous people affected by the major landslide in Mocoa. So far, the relief efforts have focused on: helping people move to safe areas, providing first aid, food and shelter to the victims and pulling corpses out of debris.

The indigenous organization in Putumayo reported on April 2nd:

  • 115 indigenous people death, belonging to 8 different ethnic groups: Siona, Cofan, Inga, Kamentsá, Quillasinga, Pastos, Murui, Yanakuna.
  • 90 people are missing.
  • 300 families have lost all their belongings and homes.
  • 6 indigenous councils have been completely erased from the map.

This has been indeed a tragic experience for hundreds of villagers from Mocoa and we are deeply sorry for the human and material loses. We are thankful for the dedicated service from the indigenous volunteers and local authorities who have been actively working on the ground. Despite the various challenges, a positive report was received yesterday which confirms that donations have been used to buy food supplies, mattresses, blankets, construction materials for building temporary shelters and to pay transportation of over 30 volunteers from the neighboring department of Neiva, located 300Km North from Mocoa.  These efforts during the last two days have resulted in a benefit for 30 families, around 150 people.

A bus arrives full with volunteers, food supplies and construction materials after traveling 300Km to reach the indigenous communities in Mocoa.


We will continue following up with the indigenous authorities to keep supporting our sisters and brothers from Mocoa. 

If you wish to donate for furthering the reconstruction and empowerment of indigenous people in Mocoa, Putumayo, please visit the SEWA's International donation site:

For more information please contact: Priscilla Alvarado / 


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