Who are they?

The Mbya Guarani are one of the fastest growing indigenous groups in South America. Specifically, the Mbya Guarani are located in four countries: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The problematic:

Today, the brutal clearing of forested areas and the loss of biodiversity are also putting in danger the community. In addition, the dismantling of traditional political organizations, the weakening of spiritual and political leaderships, the pressure from society on their land, the advance of the agricultural frontier and degradation of sanitary conditions and livelihood, are causing a forced displacement of the Mbya community to other regions, including peri-urban areas in major capitals of the country, destined to live in deplorable conditions and unworthy areas.

Council of Indigenous Elders, Mbya Guarani:

This Council has started based on a unanimous concern of the spiritual and political leaders of the Mbya community. The Elders are observing the great cultural changes and those of the spirit to which is subject the indigenous youth, and the sadness of the children and indigenous brothers who are denying their roots, their way of being, and therefore they have decided to form this Council, which aims to lay the groundwork for a new education, a reassessment of the culture.

The Council of Elders defends fundamental values such as identity and spirituality, its territories, education and knowledge.

What is an Opy?

The Opy is a ritual space, a place of communication with the Creator and all the Gods of the Mbya spirituality. It is a place of healing, a place for sustaining culture and educating the communities.


It is very necessary and important that the ancestral spiritual practices are revitalized, besides rescuing the elements that are considered primordial and irreplaceable for communication with the Creator. To raise their prayers, for their ritual dances, to encourage children and youth, to guarantee the life and spirit of all.


ICCS US is supporting the construction of the first Opy in the community of Miri Poty in Caaguazú, Paraguay

More information coming soon

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