What is ECER?

The European congress of ethnic religions (ECER) it’s the event where representatives of European and Non-European countries where Pre-Christian religion is being practiced and revived, meet.

It is the place for meeting and exchanging the information leading us to the ancestor´s heritage and closer look to the nature.

We invite the ICCS community on behalf of Slavonic Circle, to the 15th European Congress of Ethnic Religions which will take place in the heart of Europe, in Prague, 14th to 17th July 2016.


The Program

The four-day program will consist of the following parts:

Wednesday 13th July: Arrival to the city, accommodation and brief introduction.

Thursday 14th July: Presentation of all member groups, ECER congress private, eventual evening walk in the center of Prague.

Friday 15th July: Word press in the morning, various lectures for the public, evening ritual ceremony on Vyšehrad, our old Slavic settlement.

Saturday 16th July: Transport out of Prague, excursions to the spiritually important pagan places.

Sunday 17th July: Congress meeting with final outputs of all member groups, overall summary and evaluation of ECER, return back to Prague.


Conference Details

For any questions regarding the organization of accommodation, meals and cultural events during the conference, please contact the Slavonic Circle.

Contact person: Marianna Gorroňová.

Email: marianna.gorronova@slovanskykruh.cz

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